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One of the most popular requested hand painted styles is the medical symbol, the Caduceus of Mercury or the Staff of Custom Dansko Medical Doctor ClogsAsclepius, commonly known as Medical Wings. Both of those symbols have been linked with the medical world for many, many years. The Staff of Asclepius features just the staff itself with 1 snake around it while the Caduceus of Mercury features a winged staff with 2 snakes wrapped around it.

These symbols are painted with amazing detail. The wings on the Caduceus of Mercury look very life-like because of the colors that she used. Light blues and yellows really make the wings pop and seem like they fly right off the shoe. Pinks and purples are used to represent the wind which pulls together the reference of flying wings.

Many doctors and nurses have requested this symbol on their shoe to represent their profession. Having the Caduceus of Mercury or the Staff of Asclepius on their shoe, shows a great respect for their chosen career path. Wanting to display that reverence expresses that they are committed in what they do. Depending on the person, they might just want it because it is a brilliant work of art.