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Hello, friends! Welcome! We’re excited to offer some of the best, most fun, colorful, and unique shoes! Our collection of hand painted clogs are more than just shoes, they are art for your feet.

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HandPaintedFootwear.com is a micro site featuring Custom Hand Painted Footwear from Bur-Mar’s Family Owned Shoe Store. We have a local artist who hand paints these shoes for us upon request. No pair is identical due to it’s unique process.

What Our Customers are Saying


I received my clogs today and OMG I LOVE THEM!!! Your artist did a fantastic job of painting my mom’s portrait and elephant is so super cute. The design on them is exactly how I pictured them in my head, they are so perfect. There is not enough words to describe these clog, how much these clogs mean to me and how much I love them.


Thank you so very much

Daneille O.

I just got home from work and found out my shoes had come. I LOVE MY SHOES!!!. Your artist is so talented and she did a fantastic job they blow my mind away. They are perfect. I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me. My sisters are going to be so jealous.

Thank you so much

Danielle O

OMG! I’m so sorry!  I kept meaning to write to you to tell how amazing the shoes are and then you know that thing called “life” got busy and I forgot. The shoes are so amazing and the artist is so talented!  They look just like my Sophie Lee, spot on!  Now I have all 3 of my little people forever on my shoes!

My Dori (cockapoo) is next!  I will contact you in a few weeks for those.  She is all black so I think it has to be the red cordovan again unless you have a tan or cream colored shoe. I cant thank you enough for the shoes!!!

Laura P.

Laura P


The gift was fantastic, the professionalism of the artist is apparent and greatly appreciated. It did arrive on time for Christmas. Hopefully we place more orders in the future. Wish you folks happy new year and most importantly stay warm. 

Vahik O.